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Kaylex Tech was formed to provide small businesses and indivduals with a simple cost effective solution to manage thier website requirements.

All of our sites are server side rendered (SSR). This means that the server complies and optimizes the code prior sending it to the users browser, allowing for faster delivery times to less powerful devices and better SEO.

Included in our site packages is the development of your custom website, what we need from you is the content for the pages, text, images, logos and color pallete and the visual design that you would like for your site. This can be a link to another website that you like the look of or a mock-up from a web designer.

We also work with a team of Web Designers that can deliver you a custom site design at an affordable price.

The most affordable and fastest option for your company's website. Responsive websites are designed to be mobile responsive in order to display properly on all devices

These sites offer faster loading times than other types of webites as the content is hard coded into the site and don't require additional calls to a database to retrieve infomation. These sites are perfect for businesses that require a web presence when the content doesn't need to change. This type of site is known as a static site, the downside to static sites is to change or add content you'll need a developer to code the new pages and menu's**.

Included with this service:

  • Custom build website
  • 5 Pages of Content

*Additional pages can be added for a small fee (see pricing)

** See Pricing


Basic Responsive 5 page site
$250 + $10 p/m Hosting
eCommerce site
$350 + $15 p/m Hosting
Dynamic site with CMS
$500 + $20 p/m Hosting

All Prices are in USD

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